King Godwin featured in Raw Vision, Issue #111

We are excited to announce that our gallery member, King Nobuyoshi Godwin, is featured in Issue #111 of Raw Vision, the leading international journal of outsider art. The journal article, written by King’s brother, Malik Nobumasa Godwin, tells the story of King’s life and his journey as an artist with both autism and synesthesia:

“King is a synesthete, meaning that he makes associations between numbers, emotions and colours. Vibrant hues and digits appear to leap forth from his paintings and invoke a feeling of joy. He usually paints characters and animals among trees but, rather than describing specific scenes, his work represents the images and feelings in his mind. His larger pieces often have more than a thousand numbers dancing across their surfaces. Each number has an associated colour and, more importantly, each relates to an emotion.”

Please read the article linked below to learn more about King and see more of his art!

JOYFULLY KING: For synesthete King Nobuyoshi Godwin, colours, numbers and emotions are the key to his uplifting art, as his brother explains

King Godwin in his studio. (Photo by Yuko Nogami Taylor)