Jenny Blazing

Artist Statement

Jenny Blazing’s acrylic and collage paintings are an evolving journey. Her current line of inquiry builds on an approach she developed called artistic propagation that is similar to that of propagation both in our natural and ideological world. Using artistic propagation, she digitally harvests elements from images of her finished paintings to create unique archival collage papers for use in her new paintings. She transforms these papers using an array of techniques including monoprinting, photography, burning, rubbings, and sgraffito. In a sense, each of her acrylic and collage paintings contains the “genes” of its ancestors. And so, they visually and metaphorically convey a sense of movement, progression and the flow of time. Each painting emerges as a member of a new generation, as distinct techniques and varying compositional elements give each descendant work a unique voice. Her hope is these voices will inspire conversation.

Jenny was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and is now based in Durham, North Carolina. She graduated from University of California, Davis with degrees in Environmental Design & Economics and subsequently earned a Ph.D. from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Her work focuses on the ephemeral beauty of our world and our need to respect and preserve it.

Instagram:  @walshblazing, @jennyblazing