Yuko Nogami Taylor

Artist Statement

Born in Japan, Yuko Nogami Taylor is a mixed media painter in demand regionally, nationally and internationally. Her inspirations come from modern western art, Japanese historical art, and rare photos of African-Americans taken in the 1900s. She creates a connection between them and our inner selves, using her Japanese heritage to celebrate the strength, honor the humility, and share the beauty that is in all our lives. Her unique style combines the heritages of the Southern United States and Japan on canvas, serving to create harmony between nature and humble people.

After experiencing the Southeastern US art scene and experimenting with a large variety of colors and materials as a visual artist, Yuko decided to revisit her Japanese roots and develop her voice to master it. She learned the complex technique of Japanese mineral painting, which utilizes special precious mineral pigments sourced from Mother Earth. Although mineral painting is neither economical nor convenient compared to other types of painting, it is profoundly beautiful and unique. Yuko feels that this meticulous process is meaningful, important, interesting, and it serves to inspire within her the true essence of art.

Website:  http://www.yukotaylor.com
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Instagram:  @yukotaylor
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