Anne Gregory

Artist Statement

As an abstract painter the question I ask myself is how to convey an idea without using recognizable visual references? The answer varies from painting to painting. My compositions start with a quickly rendered wash which is then covered with black gestural strokes and topped with layers of color. The content, although more nuanced, is an integral aspect of each piece.

Looking back, my work has transitioned through various series. First came the Pi Series, best described as apocalyptic landscapes. The red and black palette and high voltage brushwork explored themes of disorder. Next came a quieter contemplative group, Path Series, where pastels ruled the day. That was followed by Uprising, which examined conflict and resolution in the context of the Arab Spring and Women’s Issues. The circular patterns of the Mandala Series reflected the regenerative aspects of that ancient spiritual motif. After my first trip to Cameroon, I made a series based on women I had met or observed there. Today, my work continues to be influenced by my involvement with Africa and the shift towards global connections.

Articles & Press

* Scratching the Surface  (a short documentary film on Anne’s Mandala Series)