Darius Quarles featured in Cardinal & Pine article

The Cardinal & Pine has published an fascinating, in-depth article about our member artist, Darius Quarles. Written by Emily Jaeger, it chronicles some of the struggles that Darius has faced as a talented, up-and-coming Black artist in Durham, North Carolina, including systemic racism, discrimination, and financial hardship. The article also discusses his role as an original member of Pleiades Gallery, which later transitioned into 5 Points Gallery, and it touches on some of the local art projects that Darius is currently involved with. An excerpt:

‘Despite the odds against him early on, Quarles believed that if he just worked and kept painting, he would make it. He drew inspiration from Picasso: “He is probably the blueprint for the hustle artist who does everything: murals, playbills….” Anything to get his art into the world and make a living. As Quarles slowly developed a following, he kept experimenting in the studio at a breakneck pace. He painted 12 to 13 hours a day and got to the point where he could make 30 paintings in a month. Even now, he finishes roughly 200 paintings a year. ‘

Please use the link below to read more about Darius!

How Durham’s Darius Quarles Went From Fledgling Painter to a Leader in North Carolina’s Arts Scene

Darius Quarles working on a mural in Durham, honoring the iconic local hip hop duo “Little Brother”