Prior Exhibitions



January and February 2021: Reflections (continuation)
March 2021: Rejuvenation
April 2021: EMERGENCE


July and August 2020: Reflections. A group exhibition with all our gallery artists

April and May 2020: continuation of Julia Harmon – ‘Altered States
as well as a varied mix of all of our gallery artists.
March 2020:
Julia Harmon – ‘Altered States
January 2020: Ryan Fox – ‘It’s Easier to be a Painter’


December 2019: Doug Tabb – What did I just See?
November 2019: Yuko Nogami Taylor – Majestic Incognito: Sanctuary
October 2019: Mark Abercrombie – Mark Abercrombie Solo Exhibition
September 2019: Grand Opening and Frank Myers – ‘Strolling Through Durham’
August 2019: ‘Metamorphosis – A new beginning’